• Devin O'Connell

4 Ways Great Content Can Boost International Seafood Sales

Updated: Jun 24, 2018

Content drives seafood sales globally
Sales leads gobble up content, you gobble up sales leads. It's basically fishing

Many businesses have now made content marketing a key part of their sales and growth strategy. The rewards can be huge so let’s look at how content marketing can specifically help seafood companies achieve international success.

1. Build trust

How do you convince a new audience that you are providing a valuable product? Long form articles that engage and inform your potential customers without directly advertising to them is a proven way of building trust. As consumers become more concerned about traceability and sustainability, you can use content to discuss these issues and seamlessly explain how your brand recognises their importance. You can also use metrics to see exactly which issues your customers are most concerned about.

2. Establish yourself as an authority

This is especially true in B2B sales. Providing your potential customers with insightful content shows that you understand their business and how to help them succeed. The global seafood industry is competitive but growing quickly. Regular news updates and industry commentary show that you have your finger on the pulse. Give your customers something to think about and they will continue to think of you.

3. Show your personality

When entering an unfamiliar market, you need to establish a persona for your brand. Is it quirky? Down to earth? Wholesome? Quick blog posts and infographics are the best way to develop a personality. Consumers often link a personality to taste, if you’re dry and bland, well maybe your food is to?

4. Generate leads

Seafood is a rapidly evolving and ever-changing industry. Businesses and interested consumers want to know what is happening, not just in their own backyard but around the world. Creating a free subscription newsletter with quality content and global relevance is a sure-fire way to generate international sales leads.

If you think content marketing could drive sales for your seafood business, contact devin@cscapecontent.com to see how we can help.

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